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An Overview On Hempel Sailing World Championships Aarhus 2018

The weather forecast in the morning for 8-10 knot westerlies were built and swung to 12 knot south westerlies in the late afternoon which gusted up to 20 knots. However, it failed to materialize. There were only half of multiple fleets that were trying to race and the leaderboards were not clear, although there were some significant moves left.

The Men’s 470 was the only race in the gold medal fleet won by Mat Belcher and William Ryan from Australia. They were the silver medalists in Rio competition and gold medalist in London 2012. They are behind only by one point by the Swedish European Champions 2018, Frederik Bergstrom and Anton Dahlberg and their 13th place was the current discard.
The women’s 470 both gold and silver fleets made an attempt to begin long into the afternoon and the Finn gold and silver medal fleets were postponed. As far as the Nacra 17 is concerned, only yellow qualification fleet managed to avail 2 races in and some of the favorites like Italy’s Caterina Marianna Banti and Ruggero Tita also had their share of struggles. In the 1st race, they achieved 23rd position before reaching to the 4th place. However, the same trick could not be applied for the 2nd race and they finished 16th which was their current discard.

Well, Nacras require 10 to 15 knots to cover upwind and similarly around 7 to begin downwind. There is only one crew from Argentina who hasn’t complained about boats being placed on the finishing line. It was neither Cecilia Carranze Saroli not Santiago Lange, the Rio 2016 Olympic champion, but the junior competitors Eugenia Bosco and Mateo Majdalani who won the 2nd place. They were one of the boats out of three who benefited in the slow motion of a finish in the 2nd race. The Finnish boat began to move backwards from leader in 4th and cross the line at over a knot.

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