Smiling Fish Charters

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Smiling Fish Charters

Annapolis Yacht Club expand schedule

Each sailing season caries special events with scopes for yachts that are not generally part of the racing pack. These special events are planned to be attractive for yacht crews and owners who are not regular racers.

In an attempt to cover the appeal of their events to a more liberal spectrum of sailors, in this year, Annapolis Yacht Club would feature Cruising Non-Spinnaker, Cruising Spinnaker, Shorthanded Non-Spinnaker and Shorthanded Spinnaker begins at their 80th Annual Regatta (on 11th June) and its Fall Series Distance Race (8th October). Each of Annapolis Yacht Club races would feature a government mark course with a fastened course published in advance.

It is expected that these races would attract members of the cruising clubs as well as other sailors who have not earlier took part in Annapolis Yacht Club events or have not been on an Annapolis Yacht Club starting line in some time. To that end, the Annapolis Yacht Club targets to make it as very easy as probable to get on the starting line for these as well as other events. A pre- necessity for engagement in these events is a PHRF rating for every yacht.

The procedure of getting a PHRF rating will be greatly modified and quickened via a Workshop set for Saturday, 2nd April, at Dock Street Clubhouse. This Workshop is open to all yacht owners, regardless of club association. The Workshop would be guided by a group of sailors who would work with every boat owner to finish their PHRF rating application at the event. The rating application copies would be on hand with the United States Sailing database that includes much of the apposite info for most production sailboats.

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