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GP14 Irish Nationals A Huge Success

The Skerries Sailing Club hosted the 2016 G14 Irish Nationals and the race attracted 37 boats. The event as a huge success and it took place between 27 and 29 August 2016. The Skerries Sailing Club is known for making the GP14 events a huge success and it proved its mettle in the 2016 edition of the Irish National Championships.

The first day saw winds at medium strength. The races on the first day were hard fought and it came to the limelight that the consistent performance in the series would be the key to winning the championship. At the end of the first day Sutton Dingy Club’s Alan Blay and David Johnson were in the pole position.

The day 2 was a tester for all the sailors as there were light winds accompanied by rolling winds to contend with. It was a difficult day for the sailors to get their boats moving in the waters, and it times it looked like they were taking a break and yacht chartering in Croatia, snoozing in the mediteranneran sunshine!

Hugh Gill looked to be in great form on this horrifying day for the racers. The course was then switched to Windward/leeward and this gave an opportunity for lots of passing. There was an epic battle seen on race 4 with current GP14 World Champion Shane McCarthy is going down after a fierce battle with Niall Henry.

The final day of the event started with very little or no wind and it started to pick up as the day progressed. The race started with just four points separating the top 5 boats. But, as the race progressed, the winds started to build with strong gusts that created a lot of position changes during the race.  The 5th and the final race was a neck to neck affair with JP and Caroline McCaldin from Lough Erne Yacht Club and Curly Morris and Laura McFarlands winning the respective races. Timmy Corcoran was the 2016 Champion after he moved up five places in the final run.

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