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Hall Of Fame Induction America’s Cup

While the sailors of the six final teams were struggling in the cold waters of Japan, America’s Cup World Series was having a grand affair at the Hall of Fame back in New York.

Indeed, this world sailing series that has gathered much interest all over the world is initiated by the New York Yacht Club. The induction event of the Hall of Fame was celebrated today at the Model Room of the club which is a magnificent venue by itself.

The Model room is of staggering architecture, being ninety six feet in depth and about forty five feet in width. There are about 1300 models that are part of the Club’s collection and all are held in this Model room. The room has several models of defenders as well as challengers of the Cup through the years.

The room has bay windows that mimic galleons and have carvings of clouds, shells, dolphins all over. Impressions of this room on visitors are overwhelming. Indeed, many observe that the room makes one feel that they are at sea, which is overwhelming except for the fact that there was no motion of the sea. Two competitors have been inducted recently in the Hall of Fame of America’s Cup. The inductees are luminous figures like Lord Dunraven and Ernesto Bertarelli who have been winners as well as challengers of the cup over the years. With the recent event there was much highlight on the Hall of Fame as well as the New York Yacht Club building itself. It is located on the 44th Street 37 West in New York, this building is a heritage premise by itself. Founded in the year 1992 this building and organization is spearheading the nation’s most prestigious sailing event for several decades now.

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