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Interest springing up for the Antigua Bermuda Race

American MOD70 Phaedo3 of Lloyd Thornburg would be trying a record run from Antigua to Bermuda later this April along with a view to conjoining the very first Antigua Bermuda Race in the year 2017. Phaedo3 has arranged several world records in the last twelve months, including the Antigua to Newport passage, taking only three days, five hours, fifty-five minutes and twelve seconds to finish the 1560 nautical mile race course.

The captain for the record attempt would be Brian Thompson, the Jules Verne record holder. Thompson told that he had probably sailed from Antigua to Bermuda ten times; it is the classic delivery up from the Caribbean to the East Coast of the United States. In a general boat it would be a 5 day tour, but Phaedo could possibly do it in 2 days.

They literally passed Bermuda when they set the Antigua to Newport record previous year and they did that in around 48 hours – the same time it takes to sail around Scotland, according to the Scotland yacht charter website.

He added that ideal conditions for them would be a well established high pressure system to the east of Bermuda. Therefore, they start with a twenty knot southeasterly that becomes more southerly as they approach Bermuda – that would be more than perfect. Phaedo must be in Bermuda for a few days so if you want to come and see a real offshore, mile-eating machine, come along and have a look.

15 yachts ranging from forty-three to hundred and thirty-nine feet have already filed their interest for the very first contest. Yachts from all across the United States, Bermuda, Antigua and Great Britain are amongst the early entries that include Supermaxis, Classics, Maxi Racing yachts, Performance blue water cruiser as well as high performance multihulls.

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