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Women All Set To Make New Records In Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race

While Beth Cain was writing down her bucket list before she turned 30, little did her sister and parents know that listing Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race is going to be a family affair. As soon as Beth turned 29, a high school, she revealed her dreams and her parents, Jenny Wright and John Cain started looking for a boat. It took them only 3 weeks to find Beneteau First 45 that sailed previously in Devonport and Adelaide on market. They bought it immediately.

From the strong crew of Audere’s 10, Milly, Beth, and Jenny aren’t the only rookies from Sydney Hobart. 8 of the crew is going to make their debut as soon as they leave Cruising Yacht Club dock of Australia where she is going to be moored. The 2 experienced members who are on board as the crew is going to have John Cain as the captain with 7 starts and Dan Nestel having 4.

Beth, Jenny and Milly are 3 of more than eighty in the race of this year as captured Andrea Francolini, the leading sailing photographer. Beth had stated there are 30 things that she wants to do before she turns 30. She wants to do it anyway by she prefers doing it with these people. She has felt bad ever since when something wrong and it leads to money wastage. Thus, their goal is to finish with no broken people or no broken boat.

Milly states that race has been the something which they have grown up hearing about a lot. She isn’t a stranger to sailing in the Bass Strait. Jenny too has sailed in King Island on a 12ft cadet dinghy championship and have also won it. This was on the glassy water.

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